Société d'ingénierie et de conseil dans les secteurs des Télécommunications et Multimédia



Combining quality service with optimal economic performance, is the objective that led NEWAY-IT to develop its competence center in Tunisia, oriented towards the international.

The engineers of Neway-IT, whatever their profile, graduated from the Engineers schools in software engineering, electronics and multimedia, benefit throughout their careers, from continuing education adapted to the skills needs of NEWAY-IT.

We take advantage of the exceptional proximity of the Tunisian universities of Technopole Elgazala of Tunis.



We take advantage of the exceptional proximity of the Tunisian Engineers Schools and University of Technopole Elgazala of Tunis.

  • High level education
  • Closeness in terms of culture and ease of communication: Tunisian culture is open on Europe and our engineers are, at least, trilingual (Arabic, English, French).

Tunisia is the perfect environment to develop long-term technological partnership :

  • Geographical location close to Europe : Tunisia shares the same time zone as principals European countries. The airport, close to our offices, makes Rome at 1 Hour travel, Paris and Geneva at 2H, Munich and London at 3H.
  • Mobility of our engineers: Bearing in mind the importance to take actions as closest to stakeholders and deployment area, Neway-IT has developed a corporate culture promoting their employees to intervene anywhere in the world, for their customers’ benefit.



Involved in many strategic projects for our Customers or requiring the manipulation of sensitive security data, we have implemented a culture and uses specific to the security constraints of our customers.

Our premises have been audited many times and meet the security criteria of our customers (personalized secure access, laboratories exclusively accessible to authorized personnel, ...).